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Welcome to Oak Tree Day School!

      The childhood years are so very special! During this period, children are in the process of making great developmental strides and becoming more independent. We provide children with a nurturing environment filled with loving care and safety. Through play we enhance physical, social, emotional, language, and intellectual development. These are all factors which will become essential to their educational success. At Oak Tree Day School, children learn about themselves and the world around them through meaningful hands-on experiences.

We know that choosing a school or child care center is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child(ren). We are delighted to be part of their growth and education.


Children and Families

In complying with our philosophy, we expect to create an environment which is conducive to both children and their families. In doing so, we will display a sensitivity to cultural values and diversity among the families we serve. We model acceptance, tolerance, respect, trust and support of all that we encounter. Our goal is to become acquainted with everyone within a child’s family and thus: help parents appreciate, respect and understand their child; help families understand the growth and development of their child’s mind and body; interpret children’s concerns and frustration; and encourage parents to respect and love themselves. We strive to foster loving, consistent, and secure relationships with each child and as noted above to value each child as a worthwhile individual – promoting a sense of self-worth, autonomy, and trust in a physical and social world. We achieve this in part by: helping children make decisions; helping classmates to be accepted and understanding by encouraging friendships and small group activities; and helping the child express feelings and frustrations.


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