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Mathematical Development

Counting sequence

Counting begins with the task of reproducing a sequence of number words starting from one. Over time, children’s familiarity with the sequence of counting words develops to the point where they are able to identify the number word before or after any number without needing to start the count from one. That is, the process of oral counting starts as a fixed recitation but moves to a ‘breakable chain’ of number words

English and Literacy Development

English language vocabulary, acquisition and use

This is a significant responsibility because formal learning—the kind of learning that students do in school—demands vocabulary knowledge. When you help students learn how to build their vocabularies, you help them succeed across the curriculum. Teachers are instructed to use industry standard exercises to challenge our students on a daily basis.

Physical Development

Coordination advancement

Children are exposed to multiple outdoor activities throughout the school week. Some of the exercise we promote to further develop a child’s coordination are, “Hop Scotch”, “Ring Toss”, “Musical Chairs”, “Catch”, and “Obstacle courses”.

Activities for Children

Creative Writing

Throughout the school year teachers emphasize the importance of cursive and standard text. In addition, children are taught when it is appropriate to use different writing styles and their purpose.

Arts & Craft

Arts and crafts activities will stimulate your preschool child’s imagination and creativity, helping with physical and mental development. Activities include, drawing, constructing, painting, and ceramics.

Music Unplugged

Your child will sing, play instruments and move to music in kindergarten. He/She learns to keep a beat and tell the difference between loud and soft. These activities introduce her to the artistic, cultural, scientific and mathematical foundations of music.

Hand eye coordination

Teachers go through daily exercises to help develop gross motor movement. Outdoor activities include: “Ball Rolling Exercises”, “Relays”, “Catching and throwing a ball”.

School Experience

We offer an environment which promotes and nurtures growth and development, while tendering with dignity and respect the child’s search for self-discovery and independence.

Therefore, it is our intention:

  • To help children experience the joy of learning early in life while discovering their full potential at physical, intellectual, and moral levels of growth.
  • To provide experiences rich in creativity.
  • To provide meaningful socialization experiences.
  • To create an environment that challenges and excites young minds.
  • To provide a warm and unconditionally loving environment that promotes significant adult-child relationships.
  • To provide an environment where all children feel wanted and accepted.
Collaboration and team work is something we heavily encourage at Oak Tree Day School. We have multiple team building activities that instill a sense of compassion and companionship in each of our students. (e.g. saying 5 nice things about a friend, knowing when a friend is happy or sad as they comfort them)

Our qualified staff carefully watches our students during play time to make sure that they understand why sharing toys are important (we reinforce this idea through multiple team based activities).
Our teachers inspire all students to speak up and voice their opinion and ideas. This creates both a colorful and comfortable space for the children to develop and grow.

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